3 dogs iso home (Durham)

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I have 3 amazing dogs searching for a home. They’re super loving and kind. We love them very much my mom just can’t take care of them with a busy lifestyle, we’ve loved them so much for as long as we’ve had them we just can’t provide them with the best home possible any longer. They’re not house trained as they’ve been outdoor dogs their entire lives however I believe they could be as we’ve let them in and they don’t immediately just go everywhere. If you’re interested in any of the 3 dogs please reach out to me on my number at 5three0- 7three7- nine0three9. We have 1 female and 2 males. All extremely friendly and just want love and companionship please someone take them. No rehoming fee just want them to go to a good home who can love and care for them. I prefer someone with property as these dogs need space to run. the light brown dog with white on his face is male and only a year old and the shaggy brown white and black dog is 4 years old. The other shaggy dog is 5-6 years old uncertain as we rescued her from an abusive home. Thank you in advance.

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