$1,500 / 2br - Parents of students beware

Please warn your children of criminal landlord conduct in this town. There are also businesses that prey on the students such as mechanics and other types of service providers. I currently have a situation in the college town area with a landlord who has been abusive and eventually wanted me to urinate for a drug test because he has psychological problems and is a 50-year-old man and still involved with a fraternity in chico. I am involved in criminal proceedings as well as going to housing court. There is a legal services department that will help get your children and attorney if you have problems. It is called NorCal Legal Services. If what happened to me happened to a young student there would be some very angry parents and I'm warning the community about this man and others like him in the community. There is a solid influx of children with money coming through and they have Targets on their back from the local business community and landlords Etc. This apartment I'm at is on the block of Timber Creek Apartments so tell your children to watch out for the predator who runs the storage unit facility behind them because he just wants to get a girl in here and I actually found a hole where there would be a camera to view the shower. He's always telling me I need to get girls and asked me if I'm gay because I don't bring girls here and it's on the same block as Timber Creek Apartments I just rent this apartment at this storage unit facility and the manager is complete pervert he watches the cameras and sees girls going by every day so tell your daughters to watch out for this creep who runs the storage unit facility. I live here with my dog and I do not work here I pay them $1500 a month. And this man is a predator. He's a Bully and a certain chain of events led to him asking me for a urine test where I was in his office with my pants unzipped and ready to comply at the last minute he said just joking and pulled his hand back as he was handing me a cup and said okay I'll accept your rent and print you out a receipt. The chico Police Department did not take much of an interest in this so you really need to warn your children about landlords and service providers because even the police will not take much of an interest until a certain line is crossed. I have contacted the sheriff's department and they were willing to go through the penal codes with me and if I had followed through with the urine test and he had seen me urinate I would have a sex charge against him so there is some very serious bizarre activity going on in this town I've been here for 25 years and have not found much intelligence in the landlord or employer community and have also dealt with bad mechanics other bad landlords Etc. I'm sorry for the bizarre nature of this ad it is a little bit of TMI but it is a situation that is ongoing with me and could very well have happened to anyone else, so beware of the bizarre nature this town has to offer with landlords and other service providers that paint a Target on the back of your children

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